Finally, the solution that satisfies all of your concerns about preserving and enjoying your investment.

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Preferred Products Design, Inc. is pleased to introduce The Motor Inn® Enclosure. This is a totally enclosed, fully sealed, climate controlled, transparent protective showcase. The Motor Inn® allows you to see and enjoy your car or bike while it is being protected and prepared for your next drive.

Prior to The Motor Inn® the only protection available were temporary, disposable, ineffective, cumbersome hiding devices.

The Motor Inn® is ideal for home garages, warehouses, barns, storage buildings, airplane hangers, and commercial parking garages. It will protect your vehicle from dust, mold and mildew, corrosion, insects, rodents, birds, and accidental garage damage.

The Motor Inn® offers heating, air conditioning, dehumidification, smoke and security alarms, gas and carbon monoxide sensors and alarms, and fire suppression. Also available, are battery trickle chargers and air compressors to keep your vehicle ready when you are. Many other options, such as air lifting bags for long term storage, wireless security cameras, lighting packages, and decorative flooring, panels, and graphics are available.

The Motor Inn® is available in two standard sizes, 5ft. X 10ft. for bikes, 10ft. X 20ft. for cars, and many custom sizes. It is also available in three levels of protection: the Motor Inn® “Motel”, “Hotel”, and “Resort” models. In addition to single vehicle units, we offer multiple vehicle units, and two story lift designs. We are currently designing work cells for restoration shops and custom fabricators to isolate and protect cars and bikes during finish assembly and detailing.

Whatever region of the world your vehicle lives in, The Motor Inn® offers extended protection and an instant showcase. Listed below are a few of the everyday problems solved by The Motor Inn®.

High Humidity & Coastal Areas Mold and Mildew
Steel & Alloy Corrosion
Electrical Contact Corrosion
Fuel & Engine Moisture
High Heat Dry Areas Abrasive Dust
Rubber & Plastic Aging
Colder Changing Climate Areas All The Above
Everywhere Garage Damage
Theft Deterrent
Safety Alarms
Insect, Rodent, & Bird Exclusion
Drive Ready
Maintained Uncovered Showcase
Peace of Mind

As the value of your investment increases, so does the need to preserve its condition. The Motor Inn allows you to protect and enjoy your antique, classic, muscle car, exotic, street rod, restorod, custom, or motorcycle.


The Motor Inn® through its unique design has created new terminology for the storage of your vehicle. Currently vehicles are described as garage kept or stored in a heated garage. Now vehicles will be described as ”Motor Inn®” kept. Just imagine your initial thoughts when you see the next vehicle you are buying maintained in a Motor Inn®.

The Motor Inn® sturdy modular design is manufactured from industrial grade materials and is engineered to last. The preassembled modules can easily be assembled in 4 to 6 hours with a friend or by our technicians.

Please contact us with any questions.

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We have heard so many disaster stories that could have been prevented with a Motor Inn®. In the near future we will be listing many of these on our website. Please feel free to email us your experience.


Finally, the solution that satisfies all your concerns about protecting and enjoying your investment!